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You may have been studying Italian for a while but wish you could feel more confident as you speak; you may have not developed your speaking skills enough; you may want a constant chance to practice Italian even in your own country and without any Italian friends. If any of the above is your case,  then the conversation pathways are just right for you. This is how they work: you can pick one of these topics: culture, well-being and environment. However, if there is anything else you are particularly interested in, we can talk about it and get things done. You will receive a written text, a clip or a recording about the topic to discuss. The text will be paired with some vocabulary and a list of useful expressions and online resources for a more in-depth learning experience. A feedback and some homework to practice the new and, maybe, difficult grammar rules that you have learned about, will be sent after each class. Does is sound good to you?


Intermediate and advanced level.

Here is the price:

4 classes a month for three months: €. 360,00
4 classes a month for 6 months: €. 720,00.

This is how it works:

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    As a Gift

    Studying a foreign language will not come to an end when the course is over, on the contrary, the study should continue beyond the in-presence or online classes, in a person’s everyday life, if possible. This should not be seen as a challenge (well, it is in a way) rather than a game, something pleasant, a “shelter” where to find refuge in one’s ordinary life. This is why I gathered some tips that may turn out useful to develop your own studying method, to be used constantly.

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