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If you are an Italian grammar fan and you really like studying, then the e books are just fine for you. What are they? I’ll tell you: these are small manuals focusing entirely on a specific grammar topic, containing explanations to better understand, exercises to practise, answers to check. That is going to be your portable guidebook to be used independently.

The Subjunctive

If you are one of those who either love or hate the subjunctive, then try to find your balance with this ebook. This is a practical and theoretical guide, providing explanations, exercises, reflections, excerpts from Instagram, books, articles and songs. This ebook is a good source of useful tips to study on your own and provides the keys to the exercises.

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If you want to try to bring order to prepositions, this is the right ebook for you, providing explanations, examples, exercises and keys, excerpts from social media, books, magazines and newspapers, to reflect upon their use. This ebook is also a source of useful tips to study and practice the language independently.

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Raise your hand if you know everything about Italian pronouns. There are the combined, the subject and the object ones. Should I place them before or after infinitive? What about the gerund, what should I do with that? If you want an answer to these questions, just press the button below and you'll solve your doubts, and learn something new, in a few minutes.

Here is the price: € 9,90 I want it!


Intermediate and advanced level.

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    Studying a foreign language will not come to an end when the course is over, on the contrary, the study should continue beyond the in-presence or online classes, in a person’s everyday life, if possible. This should not be seen as a challenge (well, it is in a way) rather than a game, something pleasant, a “shelter” where to find refuge in one’s ordinary life. This is why I gathered some tips that may turn out useful to develop your own studying method, to be used constantly.

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