Free italian course for foreigners

Have you been studying Italian for a while now, but you either want to refine it or get a better take on some grammar topics
Nevertheless, you don’t feel like taking a course right now, do you?
This Italian course for foreigners is just what you need. It is made of 7 classes, each of them will be sent you via email for 7 days in a row, 24 hours apart.
This course was specifically designed for you to study on your own, as you can take your time to understand, clear your doubts and test your skills with hands-on exercises.

The way it works

Every email is about one specific Italian grammar topic. I personally selected the most meaningful topics for you, so that you can correctly make use of your oral and written Italian.

The things you'll learn

The following is the content of each single email:

  • I gradi dell’aggettivo (The degrees of adjectives);
  • I pronomi personali diretti e indiretti (Direct and indirect personal pronouns);
  • Gli indefiniti (Indefinite adjectives and pronouns);
  • Il futuro semplice (Simple future);
  • L’imperativo (Imperative);
  • Il condizionale semplice (Simple conditional tense);
  • Il congiuntivo presente (Present subjunctive tense).

The ones it was designed for

Those who already know the basics of Italian grammar, but also those with an excellent knowledge of Italian grammar, but willing to refresh their memory and clear their doubts on some of the trickiest grammar topics.

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Italian for foreigners: what we can do together

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