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My name is Elisabetta and I am an Italian teacher, but not just that. I also have a lead position in a different job and I am about to become a certified yoga instructor. I have recently found out about the word multi-pod and I am trying to figure out if I can call me so. How did I get here?

I studied Foreign languages and literatures in Naples, spent my Erasmus project time in London, attended multiple German courses in Germany, took a French test in my academic career and studied Spanish privately after my degree. After attending a post-graduate course in literary translation in Turin I realized what my greatest passion was the following: teaching Italian to foreigners. Here is how it happened:

I was back in Naples, after applying for a job offer, I found myself in a classroom full of foreign students willing to learn Italian. That was “love at first sight”. Later on, I moved back to my hometown, Matera. I opted for a different career but kept cultivating my passion by teaching Italian anytime I could, and studying to improve my teaching skills and what was an idea at first, turned into a project eventually. Some years later it took the form of something real: La piccola scuola, and now the online La piccola scuola too. 


I graduated in Foreign languages and literatures at the “L’Orientale” University of Naples. I was awarded a Ditals II diploma, a certification to teach Italian as a second language, issued by the University for Foreigners of Siena. I joined the Itals workshop titled “Insegnare Letteratura” – How to teach Literature, organized by the Department of Compared Linguistics and Cultures of the “Ca’ Foscari” University of Venice. I also attended an in-depth online course whose name was “Insegnamento dell’italiano lingua straniera” – How to teach Italian as a foreign language, organized by the “Ca’ Foscari” University of Venice.


I love dealing with people from all over the world and exchange something with everyone of them. I love finding out that my students’ will to learn is my same will. This is why, helping them achieve their objectives, both personally and professionally, is extremely rewarding to me. Last but not least: I am a creative person, therefore, inventing original contents, doing some research to design new courses, is just a dream come true.

Do I speak with my hands? Yes, I definitely do. :)

As a Gift

Studying a foreign language will not come to an end when the course is over, on the contrary, the study should continue beyond the in-presence or online classes, in a person’s everyday life, if possible. This should not be seen as a challenge (well, it is in a way) rather than a game, something pleasant, a “shelter” where to find refuge in one’s ordinary life. This is why I gathered some tips that may turn out useful to develop your own studying method, to be used constantly.

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