Italian for foreigners in Matera

La piccola scuola in Matera offers either a 2-week intensive individual courses or for small groups – 3 to 5 people, tops. I really want to focus on your needs with all the necessary care to help you improve your Italian.
Our teacher-student relationship is based on listening and empathy. You will learn at your own pace, I’ll just follow. I’d rather dive deeper into Italian, than be shallow.

The idea of Italy I want to convey is fresh and contemporary and, above all, far from stereotypes. Therefore, the learning material I realize is original and I also rely on a set of resources for an Italian audience: blog, videos, books, movies, songs. In-person classes can be either individual or group ones and are available in spring (from March through June) and autumn (from September through November).

Group courses are generally held three times a year. Please write an e-mail or subscribe to our newsletter to be informed about the dates and available places of the courses. 

If you have different needs, talk to me! There are individual classes too.

LEVEL: intermediate and advanced.

The way it works

If you really want to work hard on your Italian, opt for the 2-week intensive individual course.
If you want a constant exchange and to share your experience with other people, opt for the 2-week intensive group course. 

Every class lasts 50 minutes and a break is also scheduled for you to either enjoy a cappuccino or espresso in one of the bars of the historic centre or take a little stroll. I’ll prepare the learning material that will be handed over to you in the classroom.
There is no entrance test, but we’ll have a video call a few days before the course starts, just for a half an hour chat. 

Whether you need further information or want to know when the next course starts, please find the form to write to me here below.
You might also subscribe to our newsletter to know about the dates and available places of our courses beforehand.

The cost

  • The 2-week intensive individual course is €. 750,00.

  • The 2-week intensive group course is €. 540,00.

  • Each hour of individual class is €. 40,00.

Ask me for more details

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Italian for foreigners: what we can do together

Learn Italian in Matera

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