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La piccola scuola

La piccola scuola was born 5 years ago out of my love for teaching Italian to foreigners and my wish to have a physical place where Italian language and culture could be taught, in a small town in Southern Italy: Matera. It has been so for 4 years, and now it would be nice to reach out to a broader public, including  those who love relaxing on their couch. This is how La piccola scuola is now on-line.

What will you do in here?

Here we go:

  • You will have the chance to schedule the best day and time to start your customized classes on Skype, for you to follow a program based on your needs and skills.

  • You will either learn to talk about your favourite topics in Italian or have the chance to practice the language constantly, even though you are not in Italy or have no Italian friends. This is what you can do in the Conversation pathways.

  • You will focus on a specific grammar topic with the E-books, and have a small manual at hand, all the time.

  • You will always have an online course, anytime. They are coming soon, promised! If you want to know the exact date, the Newsletter can be of good help.

  • Come to Matera in autumn or spring, choose either an individual intense course or a light one and enjoy Italy live.


You can choose how you fancy learning Italian. I decided to offer several types of courses, so that you may find what is best for your needs. Take a look here below and let me know!

Customized classes on skype

If you already speak Italian fairly well and prefer to have a customized course based on your needs, with my personal supervision, this is the course you've been looking for.
livelloIntermediate and advanced level.

Conversation pathways

If you have studied Italian for a while, but wish you could feel more confident as you speak; if you want a constant chance to practice Italian even in your own country and without any Italian friends, the pathways are just the thing for you.
livelloIntermediate and advanced level.


If you are an Italian grammar fan and you really like studying, then the ebooks are just fine for you. What are they? I'll tell you: these little small manuals focus entirely on a specific grammar topic.
livelloIntermediate and advanced level.
find out
the ebook

Classes in Matera

If you are really eager to travel, I'll be waiting for you in Matera then! The in-house courses are designed to meet your needs. These courses are held in Italian and the learning material is authentic and personally selected by me, according to your passions.
livelloIntermediate advanced level.

About Me

My name is Elisabetta and I am an Italian teacher, but not just that. I also have a lead position in a different job and I am about to become a certified yoga instructor. I have recently found out about the word multi-pod and I am trying to figure out if I can call me so. How did I get here?

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The Experience of Others

As a Gift

Studying a foreign language will not come to an end when the course is over, on the contrary, the study should continue beyond the in-presence or online classes, in a person’s everyday life, if possible. This should not be seen as a challenge (well, it is in a way) rather than a game, something pleasant, a “shelter” where to find refuge in one’s ordinary life. This is why I gathered some tips that may turn out useful to develop your own studying method, to be used constantly.

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